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Beauties and Beasts

Also Mad Beats

2 December
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I'm a makeup artist/special effects artist living in Montreal, originally from Vancouver.
1900-1949, abandoned buildings, acquisition of useless skills, alien, aliens, anaal nathrakh, annie lennox, art deco, avant guard style, batman returns, battlestar galactica, behemoth, big lebowski, black book, blade runner, bohren, brazil, camp crystal lake, candy, celldweller, chemlab, children of men, coffy, conception, cooking, costumes, crafts, crocheting, cthulhu, cyberpunk, dark city, david bowie, de phazz, depeche mode, dethklok, devin townsend, dexter, dieselpunk, dimmu borgir, disney, fight club, film noir, firefly, flight of the conchords, friday the 13th, fullmetal alchemist, galaxy quest, garth marenghi's darkplace, ghostbusters, gundam wing, guns, gutterballs, haute couture, hellboy, hellraiser, hellsing, hirasawa susumu, hot fuzz, immortal technique, indiana jones, industrial parks, iron maiden, iron monkey, jason voorhees, jim thirlwell, johnny cash, kamelot, kiss me deadly, knitting, lady gaga, lady snowblood, league of gentlemen, lullaby, madonna, makeup, marquise, metal, metalocalyse, midnight meat train, miller's crossing, modeling, movies, mr. bungle, mystery, name of the wind, necrophagist, nevermen, nick cave, no country for old-men, obscurity, opeth, pan's labyrinth, pink martini, porcupine tree, professor fate, queen, ravenous, repo! the genetic opera, richard iii, robocop, sculpting, shaun of the dead, sin city, skinny puppy, song of ice &fire, spaced, special effects, star trek: tng, star wars original trilogy, steampunk, strapping young lad, sweeney todd, talking heads, tattoos piercings, terminator 2, the cure, the decemberists, the eurythmics, the mouth of madness, the road, the thing, the usual suspects, titus, tom waits, trespassing, venture bros, vintage anything, writing, yoko kanno, zatoichi